Pioneer Medical Services LLC

We are a company that specializes in home healthcare, founded in 2012 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Pioneer's name was chosen in accordance with the goal of pioneering home healthcare services in the United Arab Emirates. Since our launch, we have made great achievements in Abu Dhabi, thanks to the high-quality services provided by the company and the unfailing dedication of its medical and non-medical staff. Our company always strives to keep pace with the needs of individuals and companies providing a wide range of services to meet growing healthcare standards, which it provides for a broad segment of society, including patients with chronic diseases, the elderly, and people with disabilities, mental illness patients, children, and others, in addition to companies and health facilities. Our company has an integrated staff of medical and non-medical specialists who offer 24/7 coverage for patients.


To provide the highest quality of home healthcare services around the clock through our welltrained medical staff based on DOH - Abu Dhabi standards and international specifications.


To be the first choice for home healthcare through our unique services, and to pursue the growth and development of these services in response to the needs of individuals and companies.


  • Innovation
  • Quality and distinctiveness.
  • Leadership & teamwork
  • Social responsibility

Our Team

Pioneer Medical Services has a great number of specialists in the medical and non-medical fields who are ready at all times to meet the demands of various individuals and companies, whether it's home healthcare, or any of the services provided by our company.
Our medical team is well-trained and dedicated to providing specialized home healthcare services for different patient groups, the most important of which are: chronic disease patients, the elderly, people with disabilities, patients with mental illness, children, and other different groups
Our headquarter is located in Abu Dhabi where our staff works in well-prepared offices, you may contact us at any time for any assistance and they will be pleased to assist you

CEO Message

It is a great honor for me to welcome you to Pioneer Medical Services on behalf of the company's entire staff and to share our great achievements with you. I’m very proud of the incredible progress we have made over the past few years. We started in 2012 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as a small company with a number of small offices and some home health care services, but with the constant change in our lives and responding to the growing needs of individuals and companies, our business has grown exponentially to become part of the integrated health services system in the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Gulf.
Pioneer Medical Services drives its strength from its dedicated team, that uses cuttingedge technology, and continually focuses on delivering high-quality care to patients and their families.
I am writing now with great confidence that Pioneer is well-positioned to face any challenges and changes that may occur in the field of healthcare because Pioneer is characterized by strategic planning for our future, and this cannot be achieved without the amazing team at Pioneer, whether it’s doctors, nurses, technicians or other medical and non-medical staff at the company.
We are proud of our services which target every stage of life, from home-based health care, to help with daily activities and long-term care, to child and maternal care, counseling services, and many other exceptional health services. We feel a deep sense of pride, gratitude, and commitment to all those who trust our health services which drives us to offer exceptional care based on the best international protocols for quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.
Our healthcare services, our exceptional team of professionals, doctors, therapists, nurses, and our dedication to providing health care to our patients will remain fundamental to our ongoing success. We are delighted to be your preferred home healthcare provider