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Quality and distinctiveness.
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Our Mission

Providing the highest quality home healthcare with our welltrained medical staff based on DOH-Abu Dhabi standards and international protocols

About us

A company specialized in providing home healthcare services, well-known for its great achievements over the past few years, it is characterized by a high level of professionalism in providing its services 24/7.
The company serves a wide segment of society, including patients with chronic diseases, the elderly, people with disabilities, patients with mental illness, children, and others aside from companies and health facilities that require consulting and management services for healthcare facilities.
The company has an integrated staff of medical and non-medical specialists who offer 24/7 coverage for patients…

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The employment of therapeutic procedures and exercises in diagnosing and treating various pathological diseases at every stage of life is referred

Home Elderly

Some diseases and health problems may impair the elderly’s capacity to do daily activities, in which case they may require special care.

Home Post
Surgical Care

Post-surgical care is an important part of the recovery process, so we at Pioneer Medical Services Abu Dhabi Branch offer this unique service

Home Doctor
On Call

Pioneer Medical Services offers an “On-call Doctors service” for patients in Abu Dhabi, whether residents or hotel guests, to address any urgent

Home Laboratory

A completely equipped laboratory that will come to you in the comfort of your own home at any time throughout Abu Dhabi, whether you are a resident

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