Pioneer MedicalPatient's Rights & Responsibilities
  • Patient's Rights
  • Patient/Client Responsibilities
  1. Our patients and clients can receive health care on the basis according to clinical conditions.
  2. Our patients and clients can receive their emergency care and treatments at any time.
  3. Our patients and clients can be directed to a counsel for particular care when there is a home health care need.
  4. Our patients and clients can obtain a verbal and written report about any submitted treatment and will be told if there are any alternatives available.
  5. Our patients and clients can receive a detailed explanation of their condition, treatments, and aftercare process in free professional jargon terms to be fully aware of every detail.
  6. Our patients and clients can receive Arabic/English interpreter services. Any other language will be accommodated based upon available translation resources.
  7. Our patients and clients can have second opinions or have their care transferred to other practitioners if they are not satisfied with our services.
  8. Our patients and clients can have all clinical records kept updated and documented.
  9. Our patients and clients can take privacy when an interview or treatment is conducted. Furthermore, know who’s attending and the purpose of attendance.
  10. Our patients and clients can have any complaint knowledge within three working days that are fully analyzed and equipped with a written response within 21 days.
  1. Patient/Client has to give their insurance cars to PMSLLC
  2. Patient/Client has to accept and follow our rules and regulations provided by the medical staff.
  3. Patient/Client has to show respect and be kind to the medical staff.
  4. Patient/Client are asked not to use any offensive language or show unsocial behavior to the medical staff.
  5. Patient/Client has to show consideration for other patient needs.
  6. Patient/Client has to use emergency services suitably.
  7. Patient/Client is always reminded their conditions are not life-threatening and they must use the primary health care clinic.
  8. Patient/Client has to give our medical team accurate information about the personal details and past medical history. At the same time, inform the staff of any medicine that they are bearing.
  9. Patient/Client has to be accountable for their own actions if they decide not to follow the team’s instructions, treatments, and recommendations.