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Post-surgical care is an important part of the recovery process, so we at Pioneer Medical Services Abu Dhabi Branch offer this unique service to patients after they have undergone any surgical intervention, in order to reduce the risk of complications and speed up the recovery process. We provide you with a specialized nurse in your home, so if you are an Abu Dhabi Resident or a Hotel Visitor, we will provide you with care based on the type of surgery you will undergo as well as your health history, and this care will begin immediately after surgery and continue until we ensure your complete safety from any health complications.

The importance of a postoperative care service
Patients benefit from post-surgical care services at home in many ways, including

  • Reducing the required treatment period
  • Improving the quality of health care
  • Providing psychological and physical comfort
  • Provide privacy for patients
  • Effective communication with the attending physician
  • Reducing the risk of complications
  • Provide personal care to the patient
  • Provide advice and instructions to the patient
  • Savings on transportation costs

Who can benefit from the home postoperative care service?
Anyone in Abu Dhabi who requires special care following surgery can take advantage of our post-operative care service. Among these categories are:

  • Patients who have had major surgery.
  • Elderly persons who require specialized care following surgery.
  • Patients suffering from chronic medical illnesses.
  • Patients who require ongoing medical care and monitoring following surgery.
  • Patients who have difficulty moving or performing daily chores.

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Frequently Asked

Home Post Surgical Care in Abu Dhabi

How long should you expect postoperative care to last?

This varies based on the type of surgery performed, as well as the person’s overall health and age. In other circumstances, the therapy time can last from a few days to several weeks or months.

How much does postoperative treatment in Abu Dhabi cost?

The cost of postoperative care is determined by the length and frequency of visits. The cost can be determined by contacting us at the number provided below or by completing the form provided below.