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Home Nursing Service

A one-of-a-kind service that offers you with a competent nurse to deliver high-quality medical care to the patient, licensed by the Department of Health (DOH) – Abu Dhabi, and educated to deal with all cases – particularly exceptional instances – such as the elderly and disabled individuals.

Assisting Daily Living
Certain diseases and health conditions might impair a patient’s performance in their daily tasks, necessitating extra attention. At Pioneer, we give your patient with private home care to help you with your daily activities, which includes:

  • Assist in feeding the patient
  • Look after the patient’s oral and personal hygiene.
  • Assisting the patient in moving from bed to wheelchair, or vice versa.
  • Give the patient a full or partial clinical bath and help with dressing.
  • Keep the patient’s bed clean and sterile.
  • Assist the patient to use the bathroom.
  • Help the patient improve joint motion by localizing areas in the body

Wounds, Burns, and Bedsores Care
Injuries, burns, and bed sores are not as simple to treat as one might think, as inappropriate care can lead to inflammations and infections, exacerbating the situation. Pioneer provides you with the top professionals in wound, burn, and bed sore care, which includes bandaging, cleansing, and examination.

The Home Nursing Service benefits various categories.
Nursing home visits benefit many groups, including:

  • Elderly people who need permanent medical care
  • Patients with chronic diseases
  • People who need to administer medications
  • Patients who need physical therapy
  • Patients with diseases that require medical rehabilitation
  • People who need personal care at home
  • Patients who need education and training
  • People who need assessment and pain management
  • Young children who need special medical attention
  • Patients with physical or mental disabilities

The Home Nursing Service offers various facilities in Abu Dhabi that significantly save time and effort for patients, the elderly, and their families, including:

  • establishing and planning a medication schedule
  • the condition and educating the patient’s relatives
  • treatment of burns and wounds
  • notifying the specialist doctor of any changes in the patient’s health or skin conditions
  • care for all types of feeding tubes
  • insertion, monitoring, cleaning, and removal of a urinary catheter as necessary
  • giving the patient medicine, intravenous injections, and immunizations
  • taking care of, cleaning, and sucking fluid from tracheostomy tubes
  • oxygen preparation and administration
  • After a colostomy
  • providing the patient’s family with nutritional education
  • Providing patients with chronic disorders with specialized care
  • educating the patient and their family on the condition and available treatments
  • Rehabilitation for the heart

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Frequently Asked

Home Nursing Service in Abu Dhabi

What are the advantages of the nursing home visitation service?

The advantages of the nursing home visit service include providing the patient with comfort, intense care, and constant follow-up, minimizing the length of time in the hospital, enhancing patient care, and improving communication between the medical team and the patient.

Is the nursing home visitation service available around the clock?

Yes, Pioneer in Abu Dhabi offers a 24-hour nursing home visit service to satisfy the needs of patients from various patient groups.

In Abu Dhabi, can I obtain routine home nursing visits?

Yes, you can have home nursing visits from Pioneer in Abu Dhabi on a regular basis, depending on your or a member of your family’s health needs.

Do insurance companies in Abu Dhabi cover nursing home visits?

Yes, many insurance companies cover nursing home visits in Abu Dhabi, but you should confirm the coverage and conditions with your insurance carrier.

Can patients who are receiving hospital treatment benefit from the nursing home visit service?

Yes, patients receiving hospital treatment can use the nursing home visit service after they are discharged to ensure the essential continuity of care at home.

How can I get nursing home visits in Abu Dhabi?

Individuals can receive the services of qualified and trained home nurses in Abu Dhabi by contacting our companies at the number listed below. Contact us for more information about the services, fees, and conditions required to use the service.

How much does a nursing home visit in Abu Dhabi cost?

The cost of nursing home visits varies depending on the type of service required, as well as the duration and frequency of visits. The cost can be determined by contacting us at the number provided below or by completing the form provided below.