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Home Laboratory Services

A completely equipped laboratory that will come to you in the comfort of your own home at any time throughout Abu Dhabi, whether you are a resident or a visitor staying in a hotel! We offer a home laboratory service at Pioneer Medical Services Abu Dhabi Branch to do various diagnostic tests in your home because it is a safe, dependable, and effective alternative for people who are staying at home or do not wish to visit the hospital for their laboratory testing.

PCR Home Testing
If you suspect you have COVID-19, you don’t need to leave your house; Pioneer’s well-equipped crew will contact you at any time; simply contact us and request this service, and your sample will be sent to a medical laboratory certified by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi.

We also give particular treatment for Covid-19 patients in order to ensure their safety and hasten their recovery.
Why Should You Use Pioneer Medical Services’ Home Lab?
  • Fully automated and completely barcoded
  • Latest, state-of-art, and sophisticated lab equipment
  • Samples are collected in accordance with safety and hygiene guidelines
  • Same-day reports for all routine tests
  • Use the best protocols to transport samples securely
  • All tests are performed by our qualified Pathologists and experienced technicians
  • 100 % accurate, reliable, and genuine reports
  • Free and on-time sample collection from home/office by expert Phlebotomists
What are Abu Dhabi’s home laboratory services?

Home laboratory services in Abu Dhabi provide all types of tests and analyses that can be performed in medical laboratories in Abu Dhabi, and include the following:

  • Blood tests: These tests include an analysis of blood sugar, cholesterol, fat, hemoglobin, and others.
  • Urinalysis: These tests include analyzing the percentage of sugar in the urine, the presence of protein, and others.
  • Hormonal tests: These tests include analyzing the levels of hormones in the blood and their activity.
  • Radiology examinations: These examinations include X-ray analysis and ultrasound imaging.
  • Skin tests: These tests include the analysis and treatment of skin diseases.
  • Genetic analysis: These tests include genetic analysis to diagnose genetic diseases.
  • Infectious disease screening tests: These tests include analyzing infection levels in the body and examining infectious diseases
  • Immunological diseases tests: These tests include analyzing the levels of immunity in the body and examining immune diseases

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Frequently Asked

home laboratory from Pioneer Medical Services

What exactly is a home laboratory service?

The home laboratory service is a service that allows you to undertake analyses and medical examinations at home rather than visiting to a hospital or laboratory. This service comprises all examinations and analyses available at a hospital or laboratory, such as blood and urine testing, X-rays, ultrasound imaging, and more.

Can a home laboratory service be requested in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, you can order home laboratory service in Abu Dhabi by calling us at the number below or filling out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Is the home laboratory service in Abu Dhabi capable of performing all medical tests?

The majority of medical tests are provided at the home laboratory service in Abu Dhabi, and it is recommended that you call us in advance via the number below to confirm the type of testing.

What are the primary benefits of a home laboratory service?

The main benefits of the home laboratory service include time, effort, and money savings because the patient does not need to travel to the hospital or laboratory and wait for hours for testing. This service also aids in avoiding the hazards connected with hospital exposure to infectious infections.

Is there a fee for the home laboratory service?

Yes, home laboratory services are frequently expensive. However, when compared to the total expenditures of travelling to the hospital or lab, the price of this service may be reasonable.