Patient/Client Rights

At Pioneer, we take into consideration all the rights of patients and customers, the most important of which are:

  1. The right to receive clinic-based health care
  2. The right to receive emergency care and treatment at all times easily and quickly.
  3. The right to receive full detailed information about any proposed treatment.
  4. The right to maintain all the clinical records and relevant information fully documented.
  5. Patients and clients are entitled to the protection of their personal information when an interview or treatment is conducted and they are entitled to know who is present and for what purpose.
  6. Patients/clients are entitled to a detailed explanation of their condition, treatment, and follow-up in language that is free of professional jargon so they can fully comprehend.
  7. The right of patients and clients to get a second opinion or to transfer the service to another provider if they are not satisfied with it or with the opinion provided.
  8. Patients or clients are entitled to submit and acknowledge complaints within 3 working days, and have them fully investigated.
  9. Patients are entitled to reject the treatment plan given as part of what the law permits.
  10. Patients have the right to seek a second opinion.
  11. Patients have the right to have strict confidentiality of personal data and records.
  12. Patients have the right to know detailed information about our services and how much it costs

Patient/Client Responsibilities:

As patients and clients have rights, they also have responsibilities and the most important of these are:

  1. To give their insurance card to Pioneer Medical Services.
  2. To Follow and accept the rules and regulations provided by the company or its medical staff.
  3. Demonstrate respect and courtesy for the medical staff.
  4. Never use abusive language and/or display unsocial behavior towards the staff.
  5. Consider the needs of other patients, especially when they have more important ones.
  6. Provide accurate information about personal details and medical history as well as inform the medical staff of all treatments and medications that they are taking.
  7. Patients or clients must assume responsibility for their own actions if they decide not to follow the medical staff instructions and/or treatment plans and recommendations.