Importance of Mental Support and what can cause depression for the Elderly in Abu Dhabi

Importance of Mental Support and what can cause depression for the Elderly in Abu Dhabi

Elderly Mental Health

Most common factor that elderly people face mentally is Depression

It is a psychological disorder that is completely different from the distress that all people experience from time to time. As the temporary feeling of sadness is a normal part of life. In the case of depression, the feeling of sadness is completely out of proportion to any external influence the patient is exposed to.

Mental health doctors say that depression is a disease that negatively affects the way of thinking and behaving, and affects males and females whether young, adults or the elderly alike.

Depression does not differentiate between the level of education and culture or the financial level, as everyone is susceptible to it

Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of depression in older adults are slightly different from depression in younger people

  • What pleased them in the past is no longer pleasant Loss of interest in usual activities for them

  • Weight loss or gain

  • Constant feeling of sadness

  • Feeling angry, nervous, or lethargic

  • Difficulty or excessive sleep

  • Crying spells or very intense emotion

  • Having problems concentrating

  • Feeling very tired and not having any energy

  • Symptoms of depression coincide with physical pain

Not properly diagnosing depression in the elderly, and lack of attention to healthcare for them exacerbates their condition


It is a syndrome that causes deterioration in memory, thinking, behavior, and the ability to perform daily activities, and is not a normal part of old age. There are 35.6 million people suffering from dementia in the world, and the number of people with dementia will double in the next twenty years, and the number of cases will reach 65.7 million people suffering from dementia by 2030. It may increase to 115.4 million cases by 2050.

Awareness health guidelines for the elderly and their families to overcome the health and psychological problems faced by the elderly

  • It is important to visit the family doctor periodically to detect any health or psychological problems that the elderly suffer from

  • Encourage the elderly to participate in the family and community and volunteer in the social programs in the neighborhood or the mosque and others.

  • Motivating the elderly to maintain their weight, in order to protect them from obesity and other diseases

  • Encouraging the elderly to read and learn; It helps stimulate brain cells and reduce the appearance of depression and dementia

  • Ensure that the elderly person takes the medications prescribed by the doctor on time, preferably in the presence of a family member

  • Stop smoking immediately

  • Make sure to eat healthy food that contains all the nutrients necessary for the body and is rich in vitamins and minerals

  • Taking care of the health of the mouth and teeth of the elderly and visiting the dentist regularly

  • Avoid the elderly exposure to the pressures of life

  • Encouraging the elderly to exercise regularly daily, under medical supervision

  • In the event that his health condition does not allow for exercise or he is bedridden, the physiotherapy sessions that we provide at Pioneer Medical Services have a major role in improving his psychological condition

Benefits of regular physical activity

  • Strengthens the bones and muscles of the elderly

  • Helps balance.

  • Challenge – God willing – from exposure to diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.

  • It gives a feeling of happiness and comfort, and reduces the problem of depression.

  • Increase energy level.

  • Stimulates and strengthens memory and improves the mental abilities of the elderly

  • Aging is a natural biological process that cannot be stopped or prevented, but some types of frailty can be slowed or delayed

Health messages:

  • Old age is not a disease, and with simple care and attention, many problems and accidents can be avoided

  • It is advised to practice daily physical activity, avoid sitting and lying down most of the time, and walking is the best activity

  • It is recommended to follow a balanced diet and maintain a normal weight

  • Personal hygiene is essential for the elderly

  • Avoid isolation, and it is advised to contact relatives and friends to prevent many mental illnesses

  • Avoid smoking throughout life

  • Move from a sitting position to a standing position slowly to avoid sudden dizziness

  • Avoid using medicines without consulting a doctor

  • Elderly people are prone to accidents, which often lead to fractures

  • Two-thirds of accidents among the elderly occur in their homes, such as falling to the ground or stairs, causing fractures in the arm or leg, which is a common cause of disability for the elderly

  • Treating some types of disability prevents many accidents and dangers

  • Good lighting must be provided to avoid accidents that occur in the corridors

  • Avoid placing rugs or plastic pieces in the corridors so as not to be a stumbling block during the movement of the elderly

  • Arranging home furniture in a way that helps the elderly move around

  • Avoid accidents that occur in the bathroom and on the stairs by providing adequate lighting

The services provided by Pioneer Medical Services for your elderly families

  • Home medical consultations by visiting the specialist family doctor

  • Follow-up of patients with chronic diseases

  • Providing intravenous therapy services

  • Care and prevention of bedsore patients

  • Providing physiotherapy services

  • Caring for tube feeding patients

  • Palliative care

  • Urinary catheterization patients

  • Providing medicines and medical supplies to patients

  • Provide nutritional supplements

  • Laboratory analyzes

  • Psychosocial support

  • Educate and train patients and their companions

  • Transporting patients to and from hospitals with fully equipped for safe transport for your loved ones

  • Resident care provider provision for the convenience of your patients

Requesting Pioneer Medical Services in Abu Dhabi

Pioneer Medical Services has simplified the process of requesting their home care services in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

  1. Phone: Reach out to Pioneer Medical Services directly at +971 2 443 2275

  2. Website: You can submit a request by clicking HERE

  3. Email: Send an email detailing your needs to

  4. Visit in Branch: Alternatively, you can also visit our office at Al Zahiyah Area, Opp. Abu Dhabi Mall, Makeen Tower 2nd floor – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday through Friday.

Once your request is received, a member of the Pioneer Medical Services team will conduct an initial consultation to determine the specific needs of the patient. Following a comprehensive assessment, a tailored care plan is designed and implemented, ensuring the highest standard of home healthcare delivery.


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