Acne Treatment Using Roaccutane Pills (Isotretinoin) and its Side Effects

Acne Treatment Using Roaccutane Pills (Isotretinoin) and its Side Effects

What is Roaccutane Treatment?

Roaccutane pills contain the active substance isotretinoin, which is a form of vitamin A, and it is mainly used to treat severe acne, it is indicated that Roaccutane pills may not be suitable for all people due to some health risks, so they should not be used except under the supervision of a doctor and after conducting some tests first.

Acne treatment using Roaccutane continues for approximately 6 months, and in some cases the person may need to repeat the treatment again, and the dose of the drug may be changed by the doctor during use.

Roaccutane Side Effects:

  • Dry skin

  • Dry nose and eyes.

  • Skin rash.

  • Skin itching

  • Headache.

  • Back pain.

  • Muscle and joint pain.

As for the health risks of Roaccutane pills, they may include damaging the liver, and therefore it is worth seeing a doctor immediately if symptoms may indicate liver damage, such as yellowing of the skin, and frequent exposure to infection.

Roaccutane Damage That Calls For a Doctor’s Review

With the long list of damages of Roaccutane pills, it is important to know that some of them require a doctor’s review when they appear, such as:

1) Bruises for no apparent reason, or bleeding easily, as this indicates the possibility of blood clotting disorders.

2) Recurring infections, prolonged infections, feeling weak and dizzy, or pale skin, all of which can be associated with a blood disorder.

3) Feeling anxious, depressed, aggressive, or other mood disorders, as this is associated with mental health problems.

4) Severe stomach pain with or without diarrhea, or with nausea and vomiting, as this indicates the possibility of pancreatitis.

5) Diarrhea is accompanied by blood in the stool. This is linked to bleeding in the digestive system.

6) Muscle weakness, or difficulty moving the limbs, as these symptoms are associated with a rare, serious condition.

7) If the whites of the eyes and skin change color to yellow, these are signs of liver problems.

8) Other symptoms, such as: changes in vision, difficulty in urinating, and permanent headaches.

How Does The Doctor Deal with The Damage of Roaccutane?

The steps to deal with the long list of damages of Roaccutane pills begin with prescribing the medication, as the doctor will provide you with sufficient information about the medication, how to take it correctly, and how to control symptoms and potential harms.

  • During the treatment period, you will have to visit the doctor’s office many times, in order to monitor your health condition and side effects, and if there is a need to adjust the dose.

It is worth noting that the doctor may request a number of analyzes and tests before taking the drug and during the treatment period, such as: complete blood count, kidney function test, liver function test, and others.

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