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About Pioneer Medical

Excellence in Medical Service With Passion for Patient Care

We are a company that specializes in home healthcare, founded in 2012 in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Pioneer’s name was chosen in accordance with the goal of pioneering home healthcare services in the United Arab Emirates. Since our launch, we have made great achievements in Abu Dhabi, thanks to the high-quality services provided by the company and the unfailing dedication of its medical and non-medical staff. Our company always strives to keep pace with the needs of individuals and companies providing a wide range of services to meet growing healthcare standards, which it provides for a broad segment of society, including patients with chronic diseases, the elderly, and people with disabilities, mental illness patients, children, and others, in addition to companies and health facilities. Our company has an integrated staff of medical and non-medical specialists who offer 24/7 coverage for patients.

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CEO's Message

I am pleased to welcome you as the CEO of Pioneer Medical Services, on behalf of our medical staff who work together to provide the best services in the field of home healthcare in the UAE. Nowadays, with the growing need for hospital needs and public safety sector home care, private companies had to enter the field of home healthcare to lessen the pressure on them, and this is what prompted us to establish Pioneer Medical Services, which was the first choice for many individuals. Our company started with a small number of trained staff then evolved over time and the team have increased to become a large fleet of medical professionals and our services developed to include a wide package of home care solutions and our family grew to include a large number of doctors, nurses, and other staff who provide the highest level of care for patients and their families in their own home. We always strive to serve a wide range of patients, from patients transportation and home care services for those who need health institutions that keep pace with the health renaissance and the needs of individuals and companies.

I would like to thank all those who put their trust in our services and we promise them to be trustworthy and to provide exceptional care in accordance with national standards in quality and safety to gain your satisfaction. Thank you, without you, we would never reach what we are now.

We are happy to serve you, do not hesitate to request our special services at any time You have all my thanks and gratitude

Bassem Al Azawi
Chief Executive Officer