• - How Do I Pay For Your Services?
  • Medical health services rendered by Pioneer are usually paid by your insurance provider. In any case that certain services you requested are not covered, we can provide a quotation which you can pay freely.

  • - Are There Any Hidden Charges Involved?
  • Pioneer Medical Services is transparent about all charges. You can always contact our office to request your billing information.

  • - What type of medical team do you provide?
  • We only provide a competent, kind, and loyal medical team to take care of the patients and match their needs and requirements

  • - What happens if I don't like my caregiver?
  • In the unlikely event that this happens, we encourage you to get in touch with our office and our friendly administrative staff will be glad to assist you. We understand that comfort and trust are very important factors in a successful home care experience and we always want to keep our patients happy and comfortable.

  • - Are your company and medical team registered by DOH?
  • Both Pioneer Medical Services and our medical team, are licensed by DOH- Abu Dhabi.