Ambulance Services

PMS provides professional ambulance transfer in Abu Dhabi to address the emergency preparedness requirements of our clients. We have fleet of ambulances along with the team of paramedics as per DOH standards that can meet your company's requirements for your emergency needs. 

Ambulance Transport Services 

Pioneer Medical Services LLC provides ambulance services in Abu Dhabi and all our ambulances are fully furnished with all required medical equipment as per DOH standards with DOH-Registered Nurse or EMT-B. Ambulance transfer in UAE have been our core service since the company began. We can provide you with any ambulance transport services according to your needs either be it a 4x4 ambulance you can use in the desert/offroad or a 4x2 which you can use onroad. 

Patient Transportation by Ambulance 

We, Pioneer Medical Services LLC caters medical transport from Abu Dhabi to any point in UAE. We provide safe patient transportation by ambulance from home to any medical facility or home to home depending on your requirements. Pioneer Medical Services is very flexible should you need additional medical requirements inside the ambulance for your needs, Pioneer Medical Services can cater. We also provide patient repatriation services via an ambulance from home/medical facility to the airport. You may call us anytime to inquire.

Ambulance Services for Events 

If your company helds any events or social occasions that needs medical assistance by an ambulance, Pioneer Medical Services LLC is in to be on standby. 

Free Ambulance Services!

Pioneer Medical Services LLC is committed to all its patients under our Home Healthcare Services thus providing free patient transfer ambulance whenever necessary from home to medical facility and vice versa.