• Scope of Services




    To establish a guideline and reference to the patient, family, staff, and stakeholders regarding Home Healthcare Services.




    Population Served – PIONEERHome Healthcare Services provides long term and short term home care services to patients needing skilled Homecare Nursing, Homecare Physiotherapy, and Homecare Occupational. PIONEER Home Healthcare Services covers patients of all ages (0-year-old and above).


    Setting – Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Office Address: C-54 Bldg. LR02, Al Moroor Street, Al Nahyan Camp, Abu Dhabi City, UAE. Office Business Hours: 9am-5pm Saturday –Thursday). PIONEER Home Healthcare Service is covering patients at any points within the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, UAE.


    Service Delivery - PIONEER Home Healthcare Services is rendering home nursing services as per the approved DAMAN/Thiqa homecare service application including but not limited to:

    - 3 to 8 Hours of Homecare Nursing Visit

    - 12 Hours Homecare Nursing

    - 24 Hours Homecare Nursing

    - Homecare Physiotherapy (according to DAMAN/Thiqa approval)

    - Homecare Occupational Therapy (according to DAMAN/Thiqa approval)

    - Self-Pay/ Non-Thiqa Cardholder


    Payer Source – PIONEER Home Healthcare Services payer source is DAMAN/Thiqa. 


    Fees – Homecare service fees are as per the approval of the payer source. All fees will be covered by the payer source.


    Referral Sources – Referrals may come from but not limited to:

    - Hospital Facility

    - Treating Physician


    Services Offered by Program:

    -          Homecare Nursing Care

    -          Homecare Physiotherapy

    -          Homecare Occupational Therapy



    The scope of service is being communicated to the patient and family members during the initial home visit brochures and pamphlets. The referral sources and other stakeholders are made aware of the scope of service via email, phone call, website, and marketing.


    Review of Services:

    Services provided to the patient is reviewed by the management through but not limited to Monthly Patient Satisfactory Survey, client feedback, and KPI.

  • Home Healthcare Services

  • Pioneer Home Healthcare Service is under the management of Pioneer Medical Services L.L.C.

    We provide quality home healthcare services at the comfort of your own home. Our patient’s quality of life has always been our number one priority. Our highly trained professionals are available 24/7 to give the best medical care to your loved ones.


    Critical Care Services at Home

    We aim to give the best home nursing services in Abu Dhabi. We believe that home patient services will display professional care to your loved ones as much as we want our loved ones to be treated. With this guiding principle, we want to give our patients the best homecare service while our patients enjoy the quality of life at the convenience of their own home.

    We cater patients who need continuous care from simple activities of daily living to specialized level of tasks or critical care services at home. Our professional healthcare providers are willing to provide you quality and compassionate homecare service to achieve this goal. We believe that there will be no greater success than to see our patient receiving optimum healthcare service.

  • Post Hospital Discharge Care

  • PMS Home Healthcare provides specialized supportive homecare nursing for patients who need continuous bed side care after discharge from the hospital.

    PMS medical team provides continuous supportive care for patients with stroke, heart conditions, chronic illnesses, and neurological diseases. Our healthcare professionals are dedicated in assisting our patients in performing activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, feeding, toilet routine, walking etc. Our highly skilled nurses provides special care for patients who needs professional care such as TPN, medication (IV & oral), stoma care, PEG and NGT feeding, catheter care, tracheostomy care, pain management & respiratory therapy at the convenience of your own home setting.

    Our medical team provides long term homecare services to patients with stroke, heart conditions and chronic illnesses (COPD, Diabetes)

  • Physiotherapy

  • We provide individualized program for patients who need musculoskeletal as well as neurological intervention. Our skilled physiotherapists address medical problems caused by conditions such as stroke, trauma, sports and occupational injury. We offer rehabilitative programs for pain management, pain, port trauma recovery, sports injury and paralysis.

  • Wound care

  • Our healthcare professionals are well trained and expert in rendering wound care to clients suffering from pressure sores and those who undergone surgical procedure. Our team is also dedicated in providing education to patients on basic wound treatments to promote employees independence.

  • Administration and Management of Medicine

  • We provide assistance in administration of complex medicines to ensure that the patient’s optimum level of health is met.

  • Doctor Visit

  • Our medical team includes physicians that are involved in the care of your loved ones. They provide health consultation, assessment, and medical check-up at the comfort of your own home.

  • Diabetes Management

  • PMS Home Healthcare Service provides program for patient diabetes regimen. Our healthcare providers can assist patient in insulin administration as well as educating them on proper diet, self-care, and independent administration of medicine.

  • Senior Care

  • Our compassionate and caring healthcare providers will make you feel at ease as your beloved elderly is in the care of highly skilled and competent professionals. We provide continuous long term supportive homecare such as assistance on activities daily living, tube feedings (PEG or NGT), TPN, stoma care, tracheostomy care, catheter care, pain management and respiratory therapy.

  • Pediatric Care

  • Young age should not be spent in difficulties and suffering. Our caring healthcare providers will help your child every step of the way so that they may achieve the quality of life. We provide continuous long term supportive homecare such as assistance on activities daily living, tube feedings (PEG or NGT), TPN, stoma care, tracheostomy care, catheter care, pain management and respiratory therapy.